Brégançon Fort

discover the residence of presidents

Cultural tour

The Presidents' Box

Looking for what to do in the vicinity of Bormes the Mimosas and Lavandou? A cultural activity in the PACA region?

The Fort de Brégançon has been opening its doors to the public since 2013, unveiling the interiors laid out by the various presidents of the Fifth Republic.
A holiday destination for our heads of state since 1968, this medieval fort is a setting of greenery and history, in the middle of the Mediterranean sea, and not far from Cap Bénat.

At JET007, we offer a 2-hour jet ski ride, to discover the Fort de Brégançon by the sea,starting from the beach of Cavalière in Lavandou. We offer you fresh drinks and access to the little-known beach next to the fort.

2:30 a.m.


8 euros