The region's beaches

our selection of the best beaches in the region


rider's beach

Located 7km from the city centre, and 30km from St Tropez,Cavalière is the largest beach in Lavandou.
Between the tip of Layet and Cape Negro,the beach is a stretch of fine sand andturquoise water. You’ll also find pines and eucalyptus trees to put you in theshade.
Beach restaurants and sports activities,such as jet skis and flyboarding, will complement the strengths of this beautiful beach.

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The Wild

The beach
white jeans

Also known as Elephant Beach,it is the wildest of The Beaches in Lavandou.
Putting your towel on this sandy and silver yenable beach is worth it, there are indeed lots of steps to go down (and go up!). But once down, you will be amazed by the clarity of the water…

the little-known

pramousquier beach

Last beach of Lavandou,on the road to St Tropez and Cavalaire,this little cove has all the advantages of a large beach: fine sand, turquoise water,beach restaurants and pedal oetoboat rentals and more!

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saint beach

This beach, two minutes from the city centre of Lavandou,is one of the 10 most beautiful beaches in France. It has everything for it: azure blue water, fine sand, palm trees to get in theshade, restaurants and beach bars and shady parking.
The dive spot on the rock of “The Whale” is ideal for mask and snorkel sessions!


dimple beach

Passing through the vineyards,and only a 5 minute drive from downtown Lavandou,you will come across this large cove,with clear water and a sandybeach.
The pine forest and cicadas give this beach the impression of being in a paradise!

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Lavandou beach

The beach of Lavandou is in the city centre,next to all amenities. The sailing school for sportsmen, ice cream shops for foodies, bars and restaurants for cool breaks, there is everything at hand.
Umbrellas provided by the city guarantee a shady break!
A little air from California to Provence!

The family

Estagnol Beach

This beach is located in the estagnol park,on the commune of Bormes les Mimosas. It is accessible by car with a shady and supervised paid car park, or on foot by the coastal path,from La Londe or Cabasson.
Its lagoon allows you to walk for a long time offshore, and makes it the ideal beach for families with children.

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